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Hailing from Washington D.C., Josh Hickman settled in Dallas, Texas where he graduated from the Booker T. Washington School of Performing and Visual Arts with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. Earning a degree in the screen writing program at University of Texas at Austin, his filmmaking contributions include the award-winning documentaries Hempsters (2010) and Torey's Distraction (2009). Having garnered solo exhibitions of his artwork in L.A., Hickman most recently completed an artist's residency at Arts Mission Oak Cliff in Dallas where he produced three more solo shows of new work. His published novels include Through Tick & Tinn: The True Story of The Greatest Unknown Comedy Team Ever Known, Ambergris, Five Slices of Fear, and The Kinfolk: Cult of Sex & Cheese. His upcoming novel I Am Luney: The Untold Story of The World's Naughtiest Man, due in summer 2021, will be followed by a collection of short stories Songs In The Key of H.

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